Monday, October 1, 2012

35 and Still Alive

Today was my 35th birthday.  That is only 5 away from 40...  Yikes!  I had the pleasure of going to the BMV office to renew my license.  I was prepared for a wait and lugged in a bag full of stuff to keep the girls busy.  Instead, it literally took all of 5 minutes to renew.  I didn't have to take the eye exam, I didn't have to have a new photo taken (thank goodness) and so I have no idea why I COULDN'T HAVE JUST DONE IT ONLINE!  Completely unnecessary for me to drive 35 minutes for that but whatever...

Anyway, since Grant is still in San Diego, the girls and I enjoyed some yummy Panera.

Yummy - bad for you French Onion Soup


"Spike" was one of my lunch dates.

 Aria enjoyed her mac-n-cheese. 

Brielle ate better if Aria fed her -  go figure

After we got home, I went out and raked leaves. (fun, fun - right?)

Kodi enjoyed us being home.

Aria helped.

Brady liked being out as well.

cheese! ( I look like crap)

Aria's pile

I was too lazy to cook something for dinner, so I ordered Domino's. 
Regret that decision now.

So, I survived another birthday.  One thing that I missed today was having a friend to go out to lunch with or something.  I also missed cake.  Maybe I am just getting needy and sentimental the closer I get to 40 - who knows...  Yes, I am thankful that I got to spend time with my kids, but there is something about friendship that seems to be missing in my life right now.


  1. I think it's funny how much my kids love Panera- they're all crazy about the broccoli cheese soup. I don't about friendship relating to age, but I definitely think when you're staying at home with your kids you're in greater need of friendship: someone to keep you sane and provide some adult, outside-of-your-immediate-family interaction.
    Also, I always forget how pretty your yard is until I see photos!

    1. I wish my kids would eat soup - any soup would do. Instead they complain about the temperature and then won't touch it. A mom with a 3-yr-old was next to us. She bought him the mac-n-cheese as well. Her son took 2 bites and then got down. She ended up throwing away his food! It made me sick - not only is Panera expensive, but that food was perfectly good and she could have easily taken it home for another time. Crazy people...
      You hit the nail on the head with the need for friendship - staying at home can be very lonely (even though you are never technically alone)...

  2. hey you are missing bailey..The colors of your leaves are amazing. You got me thinking and I didn't have but one friend when you kids were young. I think if you have family living right there you don't notice being isolated but most families that live far (far) away are isolated.

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