Monday, July 30, 2012

All the Rage

Since it seem to be "popular" to take photos of food and post them, I thought I'd jump on the bus.  Aside from my radishes, I just picked my first veggies from my garden.  Yay!

First batch of lettuce

1/2 pound of green beans

The following photo is of a very disappointing experiment:
2 tomato plants + 1 upside down planter = 0 tomatoes and a lot of blight

In other news - there are a few pretty flowers in the flower garden that I have ignored in the back yard:

And my camera has a fun feature where I can keep the main color and turn everything else black and white:

neat - eh?

And finally, in an attempt to make our tiny bedroom more inviting and relaxing, I've started making the bed everyday (don't judge).  I also put up one of those peel and stick wall decals.  Take a look:

you like?


  1. I do! Your lettuce looks yummy and so do the beans...

  2. No judgment here; I just started making our bed on a daily basis about a month ago, and every time I go in there I marvel at how much better it makes the room look. Basically I'm a rocket scientist. Also, are those balloon flowers? I love the color!

    1. Isn't it amazing what making the bed does? I think I remember "learning" that lesson many years ago, but I must have forgotten...
      Is that the technical term for the flowers? I have no idea what they are nor do I remember if I planted them or if they were already there. They are pretty though and they must be pretty tasty too because there are a few stems missing...